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How Can COVID-19 Change Your Investment Objectives?

With the COVID-19 response still in its infancy, it’s too soon to say how thoroughly—and permanently—this global pandemic will change the way the world does business. For investors and plan sponsors who haven’t yet fully committed to socially-responsible investment principles, now may seem like an inopportune time. After all, with companies throughout the world facing […]

Assessing Your Retirement Resources

How resourceful can you be during your retirement? Determining where your retirement money will come from is an integral part of planning for retirement. Most people draw on three main sources of income: Social Security, employer-sponsored plans, and personal retirement savings. Each offers important resources that can help you fund the lifestyle you seek in […]

Navigating the Path to Homeownership After COVID-19

The arrival of spring flowers often means one thing — the home-buying season is here. But with the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing in early March 2020 and many parts of the U.S. still under shelter-in-place orders through Memorial Day, this year’s home-buying season is anything but business as usual. How will this pandemic affect […]

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest?

Owning a home outright is a dream that many Americans share. Having a mortgage can be a huge burden, and paying it off may be the first item on your financial to-do list. But competing with the desire to own your home free and clear is your need to invest for retirement, your child’s college […]

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Marriage: Entering a New Investment Life

There are a lot of issues that couples need to think about when tying the knot — wedding preparations, family, and, of course, finances. Addressing personal finance and investment issues before the big day may help improve your odds of being together years later. Here are some financial issues that you might consider when embarking […]

How Different Generations Invest

Each generation comes of age during different economic circumstances, and this can have a major impact on their later money habits. Financial advisors have identified some investing tips for certain generations that can help make their portfolios more efficient. Learn more about the investment strategies most commonly used by Boomers, Gen X-ers, Millennials, and members of […]

What Do You Really Know About Bear Markets?

A “bear market” occurs when stock prices in general are falling, and then widespread pessimism sustains the continued drop in prices.  The stock market becomes a bear market whenever stock prices have fallen over 20% over the course of several months, as seen in market indexes like the S&P 500. Investors lose confidence in the […]

Can Climate-Conscious Investing Stem Portfolio Volatility?

Experts have warned that today’s major market indexes haven’t adequately priced in the cost of the impending climate crisis. As the market’s initial reaction to COVID-19 has shown, any delay in response to an imminent threat can leave investors vulnerable to sudden and serious downturns. Some investors are responding to the climate crisis by gravitating toward companies […]

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SRI Vs ESG: The Difference Between These Investment Strategies

If you’re curious about socially responsible investing, you may have encountered all kinds of phrases about this phenomenon, including socially responsible investing (SRI), mission-related investing, sustainable investment, ethical investment, socially conscious investment, impact investing, and investing based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. At their core, all these phrases refer to investment strategies that […]